What is Mimblewimble?

Are you looking for a new investment opportunity that offers both privacy and scalability? In this video, we’ll dive into the world of Grin and explore its unique Mimblewimble technology, which provides unparalleled privacy and security for your transactions. You’ll learn why Grin is a promising investment opportunity that is gaining traction among cryptocurrency enthusiasts worldwide. Don’t miss out on the chance to invest in the future of privacy-focused cryptocurrencies. This 9 minutes video can change your cryptocurrency vision!

Grin was launched fairly Equality

In order to ensure a decentralized and equitable distribution of the currency. There are several reasons why the Grin team chose to launch the coin in this manner

Decentralized Platform

From the beginning, Grin project had been started without foundation, investors, or backed by any enterprises.


Grin is community-driven and focused on sustainable development, with a team of dedicated developers working to continuously improve the protocol and diverse community of users and miners.

Rewards Distribution

Grin has a fairer distribution model than other coins, as it was launched without an initial coin offering (ICO) or pre-mine, which can give some investors an unfair advantage


Mimblewimble combines several cryptographic techniques, such as Confidential Transactions and CoinJoin, to achieve a high level of privacy. Mimblewimble also eliminates the need for addresses on the blockchain, which helps to further obfuscate transaction data. Let’s simplify the processes as follows:

  1. Mimblewimble utilizes a unique transaction building process that requires each participant to create their own outputs. This removes the need for outputs to have an address, which enhances privacy.
  2. Next, Mimblewimble employs Confidential Transactions to encrypt amounts, with a slight modification that allows any two valid transactions to be merged into one, creating noninteractive CoinJoin on Confidential Transactions.
  3. The ability to glue transactions together allows us to combine all transactions in a block into a single transaction.
  4. Finally, Mimblewimble comes with another feature called transaction cut-through which enables us to forget every spent output without giving up the ability to validate the transactions. This allows the vast majority of block data to be forgotten, making it a scalable confidential chain.


We could make Grin to be competitive with traditional cash or payment systems

Peer-to-peer payments

Can be used to make fast and private payments between individuals, without the need for a third-party intermediary.


Grin’s low transaction fees make it a viable option for small, frequent payments, such as pay-per-view content or in-game purchases.

E-commerce transactions

Could be used to make online purchases, without the need to disclose personal or financial information.

International remittances

Grin can be used to send money across borders, without the high fees and slow processing times associated with traditional remittance services.

Privacy-preserving transactions

Grin’s privacy features can be used to protect sensitive financial information from prying eyes.


Grin can be purchased as an investment, with the potential for long-term value appreciation as adoption and acceptance grow.

Point-of-sale transactions

Grin can be used to make payments at physical merchants that accept cryptocurrencies, such as cafes, restaurants, or retail stores.

Freedom of money

Grin’s decentralized and borderless nature could allow individuals to have greater control over their own money and financial transactions, potentially leading to greater financial freedom and autonomy.

Get Started Now! Get Started

Follow simple steps below to become familiar with the revolution cryptocurrency technology.

Choose your wallet

  • Ironbelly: A mobile wallet for Android and iOS devices that is designed specifically for Grin.
  • Grin++: A desktop wallet for Windows, MacOS, and Linux that offers a range of advanced features and security options.
  • Native grin-wallet: A command-line wallet for Linux that is ideal for advanced users and developers.

Own Grin!

  • Buy me from cryptocurrency exchanges: Tradeogre (without KYC), Gate.io
  • Contributing computing power to the network by mining devices: ipollo

Spend it!
Grin is not just a cryptocurrency, it’s a versatile means of exchange that allows you to purchase goods and services privately and with minimal transaction fees. With an increasing number of merchants accepting GRIN, you can easily use it to buy what you need.
Join our Community channels
The Grin community is known for its open and welcoming culture, with a strong emphasis on transparency and inclusivity. The project has a dedicated subreddit and Discord channel where members can discuss all aspects of the project and get involved in ongoing development and discussion.



New Grin-GUI wallet


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August 2021

Release of Grin v5.2.0 with support for payment proof and other enhancements.

May 2021

Grin's third anniversary since mainnet launch.

November 2020

Release of Grin v5.0.0 with several improvements to privacy and usability.

July 2020

Release of Grin v4.0.0 with support for atomic swaps.

February 2020

Launch of the Grin General Fund to support development.

October 2019

Completion of the security audit of the protocol.

January 15, 2019

Grin coin mainnet launch with no pre-mine or ICO.

Hall of Fame Friends of Grin

The following companies, institutions, or individuals have generously donated financial resources to the Grin project under our community funding model. We’re grateful for their support, and are proud to display their logos or names as supporters of Grin.

Anonymous II
Σ $437,882

use Blocks not Bombs

Σ $294,999

Σ $95,810

The only PoW, multi-asset, store of value, smart contract platform

Σ $84,451

Grin is awesome!

Σ $65,036

I am a strong supporter of privacy and human rights.

Σ $50,265

We are the Cypherpunks.

Σ $40,729

We are one of the top 10 exchanges in the world

Σ $28,294

Frequently asked questions FAQS

Grin coin differs from Bitcoin in its use of the Mimblewimble protocol, which improves privacy and scalability.

Grin coin was created by an anonymous individual or group known only as "Igno Peverell".

The total supply of Grin coins is unlimited, 60 coins per minute. This rate will continue to decrease over time as the mining difficulty increases, which is expected to happen as more miners join the network.

The monetary policy of Grin coin is designed to promote fair distribution, predictable inflation rate, and sustainability, by utilizing an adaptive emission rate that gradually reduces over time, incentivizing miners to secure the network, and creating a more decentralized and equitable community of users and miners.

Grin coin can be used as a currency for peer-to-peer transactions.

Some popular wallets that support Grin coin include Ironbelly, Grin++, and official Grin-wallet with command lines.

Yes, there are some hardware wallets that support Grin (GRIN) apps for Ledger Nano S, Ledger Nano X, Ledger Nano S Plus, and Ledger Stax hardware wallets. However, it's important to ensure that the wallet supports Grin's Mimblewimble protocol and that you follow the instructions carefully to set up and use the wallet securely.

Grin coin is listed on several cryptocurrency exchanges, we prefer Tradeogre (without KYC) and Gate.io

Yes, like most cryptocurrencies, there are fees associated with sending Grin coin. These fees are typically very low, but can vary depending on network congestion and other factors. Some wallets and exchanges may also charge additional fees for transactions or other services. It's important to check the specific fees for each wallet or exchange you use.

GPU mining: Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) with at least 8 GB of VRAM are recommended for mining Grin coin such as Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080, RTX 3070, RTX 3060, and AMD Radeon RX 580 or later ASIC mining: ipollo G1 and G1 mini, Innosilicon G32-1800 and Obelisk GRN1 It's important to note that ASIC mining is generally more expensive and requires a higher initial investment compared to GPU mining.

There are several mining software options available for Grin coin, including Grin-miner, Bminer, and GMiner. It's important to use a mining software that is compatible with your GPU and that you trust.

Grin mining pools allow multiple miners to combine their computing power to increase the chances of successfully mining a block and earning Grin rewards. Most popular Grin pools for the moment: https://grin.2miners.com | https://pool.easygrin.org | https://gaeapool.com | https://grin.herominers.com | https://www.grinmint.com | https://pool.always.vip

The amount of Grin coin you can mine depends on several factors, including the computing power of your GPU, the difficulty of the Grin network, and the current block reward. Grin uses a dynamic block reward algorithm that adjusts the reward based on the number of miners on the network, with a maximum reward of 60 Grin per block.

Join Grin Community! CONTACT

Grin community – a place where anyone, from anywhere, can participate in building a more private, secure, and equitable financial future for all! Join us today and be part of the movement towards a fairer and more decentralized world!

KeyBase: Grincoin on keybase is the best place for technical discussions and to join general periodic meetings


Grin Forum: Discuss everything Grin, meme contests, Research, mining, market, you name it!


Grin Telegram community: Buzzing with discussions memes, and anything else Grin related.


Grinventions Telegram channel: Innovative inventions for the grin cryptocurrency.


Grin Reddit: Another reddit channel which is gaining traction.