How to mine Grin coin with Grinmint pool

In this short article I will show you how to configure your Ipollo G1 mini miner to mine Grin coin with Grinmint pool easily.

In your G1 Mini miner -> Pool configuration:

Coin: GRIN

Pool: Can be one of these with port :3416

Pool1 worker: your real email or encrypted email like ([email protected]/rignumber).

Pool1 password: Put your password or pin code (remember it)

In grinmint homepage, type your real email or encrypted email that you put in your miner, then click on Search button.

It will show you all your miners that was connected, including the rig number.

In Grinmint setting, you can put your grin address there and your password that you have filled in your first miner

You can go to Payouts to request withdrawal.

Select the Email or Slatepack as you wish, then submit the password of your first miner.

Then your payout request will be processed soon.

You must receive an email like this with the Slatepack code

If you use your grin-wallet. Type grin-wallet receive and paste your code here

Copy the new slatepack and paste in the grinmint finalize

After few seconds, the payment has been done.

Your wallet should have credit.

It’s really necessary to support small Grin pool to protect the network. Have fun 🙂